About Will

A little more info about William Hundsrucker he is a former 27 weeker with a Sacrococcygeal teratoma.
When I was 26 weeks pregnant the volume of Will’s tumor had become greater than the volume of his head.
My husband and I were told to save our baby’s life we would have to have a risky procedure called open fetal surgery
to remove the tumor that had grown to be 2lbs. His tumor was vascular which was causing his heart to fail.

He was born one week after surgery. He was 3 months premature and required intubation to help him breathe.
At some point Before, During, or After birth Will’s brain was deprived of oxygen and developed PVL in his brain.
This means he will have some form of cerebral palsy. He also has chronic lung disease and pulmonary hypertension from
his prematurity. He spent the first 91 days of his life in Cincinnati’s Children’s Hospital NICU.


208.JPGHe spent his time well teasing the Cincinnati fans in the NICU with his awesome packer gear!


Coming Home to Wisconsin!!!!


In The fall of 2012 Will developed a cold and was unable to keep his oxygen stats up we discovered he has Subglottic
a laryngeal web. Subglottic stenosis is a congenital or acquired narrowing of the subglottic airway. Subglottic stenosis can
present as a life-threatening airway emergency. He also has a laryngeal web, a congenital malformation of the larynx
that may be thin and translucent or thicker and more fibrotic. It is spread between the vocal folds near the anterior
commissure. It may cause hoarseness, aphonia, or respiratory symptoms. So any cold puts him on oxygen and
RSV left him unable to breathe on his own. He has spent the last 3 weeks at Children's Hospital in Milwaukee, WI.

He is now off the ventilator and able to breathe on his own he still requires oxygen but is able to start weaning his
 reliance on oxygen. He is relearning how to feed from a bottle.

Will is required to have another major surgery on May 20th to take a piece of his rib bone and make his airway larger
 and make it easier for him to breathe. This is a very complex 5 hour surgery and Will needs to be close to a year old to
 be big enough to handle this surgery. Will has come down a hard road but he is always smiling and everyone he
meets falls in love with him! He has big beautiful blue eyes and eyelashes to kill for!!

Update 3/3/2014
William is now 21 months old and once again fighting off the illness of winter. He just had his adenoids removed and while they were doing surgery Dr. Chun at Milwaukee’s children’s hospital discovered some more cyst forms in Williams’ throat. He is scheduled for removal of those cysts on March 17th. We were informed these types of cysts usually will keep reoccurring and will have to have a scope procedure every 3 to 4 months.

With March being Cerebral Palsy awareness Month we are motivated to share will’s story once again and ask for help! Will has come down a hard road but he is always smiling and everyone he meets falls in love with him! He has big beautiful blue eyes and eyelashes to kill for!!

Watch Wills EC Adventures Video Here!!!

160.JPGHe truly is a miracle baby who should not be on this earth!

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Thank you for your support!

Josh, Sandy, Ryla, and Will Hundsrucker

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